2. Community Music Salon 17.03.17

Music in Three Dimensions and the Pillars of Groove

Participatory Music Making in Theory and Practice

17. März 2017  – 9h30 bis 16h30

Workshop with Dave Camlin


(The workshop will be held in English).

9h30 – 10h00 – Arrival

10h00 – 11h15 – Introduction

In the introductory presentation Dave Camlin will provide an overview of his work, the work of Sage Gateshead and the music in three dimensions model. He will include some reference to the ways in which a dialogic perspective helps to resolve some of the dichotomies which have historically caused tensions within music and music education.

11h30 – 12h15 – Practical workshop

The practical workshop will explore the ‘music in three dimensions’ model as reflective tool for promoting dialogue, using each ‘dimension’ as a physical point in the room, with participants aligning themselves within it and discussing their perspectives as they navigate their way across it.


13h30 – 15h00 – Practical music-making session

This session will use ‘pillars of groove’ as a way of facilitating participatory music starting with voices and moving on to instruments if appropriate.

15h15 – 16h30 – Plenary

Participants are invited to bring instruments and / or to actively sing along in the practical music-making session. 

Dave Camlin is singer, songwriter, composer, teacher and researcher. Since 2010 he is Head of Higher Education and Research at Sage Gateshead, Newcastle. In his research he explores the extra-musical (psychological, neurological, social, …) benefits of musicking (Small 1993); how opportunities for music-making can be created for everyone; what constitutes ‘quality’ in music; how dialogic pedagogy can help to understand participatory arts practice; and the value of Dialogic Space in music and learning.

Anmeldung bei der Projektkoordinatorin Marie Karaisl unter communitymusicmuenchen@gmail.com oder unter Kontakt.

Die Community Music Salons sind eine Veranstaltung des Kulturreferat München


mit Unterstützung des Bezirk Oberbayern


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